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Summer fun

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We recently went with Dustin's boss and his wife and my little sister down to Timpanogos cave and hiked up there. We had a lot of fun. It's a pretty tough hike, but I definitely recommend doing it once. The cave is really cold and it feels good after being so hot hiking! Then this last weekend we went up to Spencer, ID with my Mom and Dad and little sister. We did a lot of day trips on the 4 wheelers and got really dirty but we had a blast.

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So we went to Bear Lake with Dustin's family. We had a really good time playing at the beach. One day we rented a boat and the water weinie and had fun throwing each other around on that. On Saturday we went to the Minnetonka caves, they were really cool to see, it makes me want to go back to Timpanogos cave. But... I forgot my camera! So i will have to see if I can steal some pics from someone else and post them :) Also when we got back home i had forgot to have someone feed our beta fishy and he was sunk at the bottom of his bowl...OOPS!

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Tod and Emily came down with their boys Payton and Carson and we all went down to the zoo and had a fun day in the sun! They are such funny little boys and totally opposite personalities. The train ride was Payton's favorite he kept asking about it all day!